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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Maybe Mr. Matthews needs an intern

Obviously he doesn't bother with facts, and as far as I can tell, Tom Batzold just sits at his desk reading his favorite soccer hating columnists. Luckily, we here at FBM are actually paying attention.

In today's column, Mr. Matthews notes how forgiving American sports fans are compared to soccer fans in Europe, and tries to cram captain overrated into the debate:

Captains and managers have it easy compared to their English soccer counterparts. Derek Jeter didn't step down as captain ... after the heavily favored New York Yankees lost the 2001 World Series to Arizona.

The only way I can figure that happening is if Mr. Jeter invested some of that money he stole from the Yankees into construction of a time machine so he could travel back to 2001 from June 3, 2003 in order to hold a press conference resigning from the captaincy before it was offered.

The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle: Fact free since 1833!

Hell, that evens rhymes.


Blogger PammyPF said...

Addendum to the factchecking / use of time machines debate: If you believe (and I leave that to your discretion), Beckham announced that he would resign the captaincy PRIOR to the 2006 World Cup -- and thus, I must assume, prior to England's World Cup loss.

1:51 PM

Blogger Kevin Bean said...

Hey - you're an asshole. Don't you have a wife and family to devote your time to? I really doubt it. I also see how long you lasted writing this shit. Stuck it out for a couple months did you? Quitter. Take your negative shit about Bob Matthews, stick it up your ass, and go get a blowjob on Monroe Avenue. Believe me, you need it! Okay, bye asshole.

7:58 PM


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