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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Tom Batzold really really hates soccer

This morning, while watching the England v. Paraguay match, I pull open my D & C to see what fine sports journalism I am paying for this morning. Would the lead article be a recap of the Rhinos match, the lady Rhinos match, or the thrilling 4-2 Germany win in the opening match of the World Cup?

Of course not, we get the most boring article of all time, a summary of the Bills' training camp schedule. In case you've forgotten, the Bills are a terrible team run by senile old men and coached by a proven loser. The Rhinos are the most successful franchise in Rochester history, and the World Cup is the most watched sporting event in the world.

In the “Hilarious news items” section, Mr. Batzold includes this:

Jim Armstrong in the Denver Post: “Sure sign No. 4,296 that you don't have a life: You plan to TiVo the World Cup, which comes in just ahead of you're in a NASCAR fantasy league and right behind your bid on Luis Gonzalez's used chewing gun on eBay.”

Hey Jim, according to FIFA there were 28.8 billion viewers over the 25 days of the last world cup. I guess that makes for a lot of losers, huh? Did you and little Tommy Batzold get cut from the same under 6 soccer team back in the day?


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