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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Tom Batzold does something cool ... almost.

In today's “hilarious news blurbs” section, he quotes Dwight Perry from the Seattle Times: “Coincidence? Twins pitcher Boof Bonser made his long-awaited big-league debut with six impressive innings on Sunday, the same day Minnesota lawmakers finally approved a financing plan for the team's new open-air stadium. Conspiracy theorists are already calling it The House that Boof Built.”

I'll forgive the stale news angle this time because of the awesome tag line “The House that Boof Built.” Hell, I wish I had thought of that. Maybe they interviewed Sky for the article?

The headline for this gem:Boof's roof.

While this does rhyme, it totally ignores the fact that an “open-air stadium,” by definition, does not have a roof. Furthermore, the Twins already have a stadium with a roof, and everyone hates it, which is why they want to build the House of Boof.

It appears as if our education system has failed Mr. Batzold somewhere between first grade and Journalism 101, where they presumably mentioned that it is a bad idea to lie in the fracking headline.


Blogger WD to Evers to Chance said...

Bonus points awarded to Brian for use of "fracking."

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