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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Bob loves Derek

According to Mr. Matthews, ”The 10-year streak of playoff appearances by the New York Yankees appears in jeopardy...”

Presumably because they are leading their division, have the second best ERA and third best OPS in the AL.

”... and it is up to manager Joe Torre and captain Derek Jeter to rise to the occasion after the crushing loss of Hideki Matsui(broken wrist) and short-term loss of Gary Sheffield (sprained wrist; out at least two more weeks).”

The last time I checked, neither one of those guys played in the outfield. Maybe Bernie Williams or Bubba Crosby should rise to the occasion?

”Torre will have to do more managing to manufacture runs with replacement outfielders...”

Joe Torre: “Now that our two best outfielders are out, you guys better score more runs. Also, shave those sideburns.”

Team: “Wait, we could be scoring some more runs. You are such a genius manager, Joe.”

”He'll also need to squeeze maximum performance from a decent, but hardly inspiring pitching staff.”

That is second in the league in ERA.

”It is difficult to understand how so many fellow players could think Jeter is "overrated."”

I am going to indulge myself in some unbiased by fact, Bob Matthews' type speculation, and guess that it has something to do with media types, such as you, falling over themselves to praise everything he does.

”But he's a .315 career hitter...”

Jeter's career OPS+: 121 – above average, but not $20.6 million worth.

”...with Gold Gloves in 2004 and 2005...”

Which should be viewed as definitive proof that the Gold Glove is a joke, and that baseball sportswriters have man crushes on Jeter. Also, this is probably another reason why fellow players feel he is overrated.

”...and is one of the smartest players ever.”

I'm pretty sure Matty Y is smarter than Jeter, but that doesn't make him a good baseball player. He could probably beat Jeter at Baseball Stars for Nintendo, though.


Blogger Matty Y said...

Hell I think the SNK Crushers could beat Jeter at Baseball Stars.

12:21 AM


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