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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Tom Batzold: NY Yankees :: Brit Hume: Bush Administration

So, I pull out my sports section this morning to see what our heroes have written, and I am greeted above the fold with ”Wang shines for Yankees,” and since I was too lazy to check the box score last, I thought “Well maybe he pitched a perfect game or something.”

No: 8 IP 2 BB 0 SO 0 HR 0 ER

Ok, so that was a fine performance, but probably not the best of the night:

McClung: 7 IP 1 BB 6 SO 0 HR 1 ER

Santana: 7 IP 1 BB 10 SO 1 HR 1 ER

Smoltz: 9 IP 1 BB 7 SO 1 HR 2 ER

Also on the front page is an unsigned wire article about track and field, which I'm pretty sure most people don't care about, and another wire article about a basketball game involving two teams from other states.

The Rhinos fare a little better than last week, with an actual match preview article from Devo, but it was still buried on the third page.

However, the Wings wrap up from yesterday gets the shaft treatment triple play:

  1. It is on page 5

  2. Even though the game in Buffalo, the D & C was too cheap/lazy to send an actual trained sports journalism professional

  3. The freelancer who they bought the article from is terrible, starting off the article with a bad joke about a UHL hockey team from Michigan. WTF?

We need to give Mr. Batzold a position number so I can start giving out “E(#)s” like WD at a baseball game.


Blogger WD to Evers to Chance said...

Let's make Batzold a solid E2. Other people might make the stories, but he's the one calling the game, and the one choosing the spots.

Also, I find it funny how Bob Matthews referred to Rochester as having "far above average media coverage" of the Rochester Raging Rhinos FC in the column on May 14. He sites it as one of the reasons Rochester should be miffed that Toronto is going to be the next location for an expansion MLS team.

If sometimes not having a game preview/recap, burying stories on page 6, and overall showing disregard for the team anytime there's a 'big national sports issue that people can read about in 100 different sites on the internet' is "far above average," then I would hate to see "average."

2:52 PM

Blogger Brian said...

Sadly, Mr. Matthews is pretty much correct about the coverage being above average. The D & C coverage is passable, but more than most teams get, but there is also a TV show and three (I think) radio shows mostly devoted to the rhinos.

6:21 PM


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